Car Care Tips For Summer From Jerry For The People

Nothing looks better than a freshly washed car sitting in the summer sun. With a full tank of gas, you’re ready for any adventure. However, your wash and wax job isn’t the only important part of maintaining your vehicle during the warmest months of the year. Read here and the experts at Jerry For The People, your Hawaii car dealers, will give you the scoop on taking care of your vehicle this summer.

When it comes to taking care of your beloved vehicle, you should always bring it to the experts. No matter how small the repair, we can take care of it and also check for other problems the untrained eye would not catch. Follow these tips this summer for a safe and fun time on the road.

-Check your fluids. From coolant to wiper fluid, power steering fluid and beyond, these are all vital for a well-running vehicle. They may need topped off or exchanged completely in order to keep your vehicle in good shape.

-Check your tires and rotate them. When the tire tread is worn severely, weather conditions like rain can be dangerous to drive in. However, we can help you pick out new ones when the time comes, as well as refilling the air and rotating them every few months.

-Check your brakes. Brakes are arguably one of the most important parts of a car. Every once in awhile, it is a good idea to check them to ensure they don’t need new pads or other repairs.

-Check your alignment. To help with tire wear and many other parts of your wheel and axle system, checking the alignment of your vehicle about every other oil change can prevent problems down the road.

-Check your lights. This may seem like common sense, but head lights, tail lights, brake lights, and even turn signals are important to your safety on the road. Summer is a good time to remind yourself to check them.

To take care of all of these routine maintenance services and more, just search Dodge Chrysler Jeep® Kaneohe and you’ll find our Kaneohe service center.